Who We Serve

ShareTek’s solutions are designed for providers and case management professionals across the healthcare, human service and criminal justice continuum. The Coordinated Care platform is easily modifiable and can address care needs in a variety of industries, including those listed below and more.


  1. Substance use disorder clients
  2. Behavioral health for foster children
  3. Seriously mentally ill (SMI)clients
  4. Developmentally disabled clients

Criminal Justice

  1. Community corrections/Probation
  2. First-time offenders
  3. Substance abuse diversion(including at-home drug testing)

Use Cases

The ShareTek software and drug testing solutions have helped healthcare providers, human service and criminal justice agencies broker better care outcomes by preventing expensive interventions, such as residential, in-patient treatment, hospitalization and incarceration.


The cost per day of incarcerating first-time drug offenders.

Criminal Justice

ShareTek is proud to support criminal justice agencies and has had great success with integrating our technology to support substance abuse diversion and community supervision programs. Clients also have access to our at-home/at-work drug tests that provide convenient, fast and reliable results.

ShareTek solutions have helped drive down risk factors related to criminogenic behavior in the state of Arizona, saving an average $145 per day in costs for incarcerating first-time drug offenders and providing those offenders with an alternative option for rehabilitation.  

By opting into a diversion program powered by ShareTek, clients can:

  • Help reduce jail time by providing offenders with access to real-time physical and mental health support
  • Virtually check-in with caseworkers to track progress in reaching program goals
  • Using GPS, HIPAA compliant video call, DNA Verified Drug and Alcohol testing to monitor compliance for offenders under community supervision.

How much regular engagement is proven to shorten relapse


Using our Coordinated Care platform, the need for high-cost reactive care can be prevented.  Through the ShareTek platform, healthcare providers are given the opportunity to identify at-risk clients sooner and provide instant access to time-sensitive care.

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