Single Remote Drug and Alcohol Testing Kit

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$ 125 

Give remote drug and alcohol testing a try with our single testing kit. Our remote drug tests help promote self-directed care and help build trust among family and loved ones.

Our remote drug and alcohol testing kits promote self-directed care and help build trust among loved ones. Test from the comfort of your own home, today.

Single testing kit that includes a collection cup, 2 vacutainer tubes, 1 buccal swab, a biohazard bag, and an overnight return envelope.
Shipping box.
2 day
Fast time clock.
Prepaid overnight
shipping to lab
DNA strand.
Results posted
in 48 hours

Cost Includes:

Kit Contents

Initiation Kit

  • 1 collection cup (yellow lid)
  • 2 collection vacutainer tubes
  • 1 buccal swab (plastic container and looks like a cotton swab)
  • Biohazard bag- plastic bag to mail back sample
  • Overnight return UPS envelope

Repeat Kit*

  • 1 collection cup (yellow lid)
  • 2 collection vacutainer tubes
  • Biohazard bag- plastic bag to mail back sample
  • Overnight return UPS envelope
*Only an initiation kit will have a buccal swab

What is it?

The single use, sterile, non-invasive patch monitors the skin's surface for alcohol and drug markers in adolescents and adults. It is paired to a mobile application that communicates to the user and care team in real time (every one to five minutes). The patch is designed to be worn by the user for up to two weeks and uses built-in algorithms along with AI to help identify clients that may be at risk of relapse.


How it Works:

Close-up of a bandaid on a woman's bare bicep.

Biometric Patch secured

The ShareTek Biometric patch is secured on the user’s body using a hypoallergenic adhesive.

A woman holds a smartphone to pair it to the patch.

Patch paired to software

The patch is paired to a HIPPA compliant mobile app software designed to communicate to the user and care team.

A person checking their pulse with two fingers on their wrist.

Data captured in
real time

Alcohol, drug, pulse rate, temperature, and GPS tracking sensors provide data to the care team in REAL TIME.

A worker writes metrics down on a clipboard.

Relapse indicators monitored

Care team can prevent relapse using various indicators. If relapse has occurred, representative can quickly intervene.


No observed collection

DNA matched results

Results posted within 48 hours

Quantitative results


Real time

HIPPA compliant mobile application

proof seal

Optional GPS, pulse, and temperature monitoring

Our Simple 4 Step Process

A hand holding a wired computer mouse.

Request your testing kit

Request the desired number of testing kits. We offer single test kits, bundles of 4, a recovery pack, and subscription services.

A hand holding a cheek swab.

Perform cheek swab confirmation

Perform an observed cheek swab over video with a facility staff member or a household member. All future samples will be DNA matched for validity.

A hand holds an empty urine sample cup with a cap.

Provide sample

Provide a urine sample. No observation necessary. Individuals provide a sample at their own discretion.

An empty white padded mailer.

Drop off prepaid package

Drop off prepaid overnight package at any UPS store. Results are posted within 48 hours in a secure HIPAA compliant portal.

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