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Wraparound care illustrated with a circular diagram of support around a client.

With one ShareTek license, a provider can invite a client and any other system partners to join the platform, create a treatment plan and team up for improved outcomes. If fitting, providers can invite and build a team to provide wraparound care. Every client interaction is automatically documented, with each milestone, potential risk factor and transition clearly communicated among the team so that gaps are filled, and positive outcomes prevail.

Social workers, healthcare/treatment providers and probation officers could all benefit from using ShareTek’s Coordinated Care platform.

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An overview of our Connected Care platform.

Coordinated Care Platform

Simplifying case management

Using the ShareTek Coordinated Care platform, providers can develop custom service plans and offer real-time client support from the palms of their hands. This invaluable resource for meaningful client engagement boasts messaging, audio and video calling features.  

Additional features include:

  1. Host live meetings
  2. Additional features include:
  3. Assign team members tasks and measure follow up activities
  4. Documented engagement for reporting and outcome measurements
  5. Allows remote collaboration in a centralized environment
  6. Real-time data not accessible through claims

At-Home/At-Work Drug Testing

ShareTek offers state-of-the-art drug and alcohol testing solutions that leverages DNA matching technology to validate at-home/at-work test results.

ShareTek’s drug test kits reliably detect over 100 different substances, including designer drugs, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, nicotine and even synthetic urine that would otherwise go undetected by traditional tests.

Hear from ShareTek’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Mark Rohde, on the benefits of using our drug testing kits to provide amore comfortable and more secure solution to ensure accurate client results.

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