How it Works

How ShareTek’s Coordinated Care platform works

The ShareTek Coordinated Care platform allows for a virtual, comprehensive service approach for anyone with healthcare needs or substance use disorder supervision requirements. Using shared technology for coordinated care ensures all members of a client’s support team are in constant collaboration, working towards a shared mission for recovery.

Via the platform’s mobile app or desktop portal, team members can plan, assign, monitor and track the client’s individual, as well as team goals, progress and results. With one ShareTek software license, a provider can invite the client, as well as an infinite amount of team members, to reach service plan goals and broker the best coordinated care outcomes.

A simple-to-use text invitation creates an easy onboarding experience that is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. No email sign-up is required.  

Client App Features

  • Check-off daily activity reminders
  • Check-in with their emotional status using emojis
  • Use HIPAA-compliant messaging, calling or video-chatting to get in touch with their provider or team members
  • Access self-improvement resources
  • Complete custom screenings or assessments
The home screen of the Connected Care client app.
The support tab of the Connected Care client app.
The screenings tab of the Connected Care client app.
The resources tab of the Connected Care client app.
The messages tab of the Connected Care client app.

Provider App Features

  • Ability to stay engaged with clients on their caseload while out in the field
  • Secure messaging that allows for encrypted texts between staff and clients (never sharing personal staff information directly with clients)
  • Ability to team with pertinent members to meet clients’ real-time demands
  • Engage in HIPAA-compliant video calls and scheduled group video calls
A message conversation between a coach and client on the coach app.
The home screen and rolodex of clients on the coach app.

Portal Features and Benefits

  • Simple text to invite team members responsible for client care, no limit to number of team members that can be invited for optimum care coordination
  • Permission based portal allows organizations to allow or deny access to some or all client information  
  • In depth reporting on both client and staff activity to document all client interactions
  • Allows for all team members to share documents and communicate about clients’ needs regardless of EHR/EMR
  • Contains data not accessible through claims level monitoring
  • Outcome data is tracked, stored, and can be monitored in real time on client progress

Client App Demo

Turn engagement into outcomes

Patients provide their own data through emoji check-ins, and activity and assessment completion. You get a real-time status of their health and well-being that offers a deeper insight into their custom needs and behaviors. Your team can monitor their activity and be readily available to assist them.

Our mobile apps are easy to use and designed to flow in a familiar way for you, your team, and your clients.

Watch our client app demo and see for yourself.

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