ShareTek for Treatment Providers

ShareTek enables treatment providers to keep clients engaged during critical transition periods through connection and remote monitoring.

Providers that offer intensive outpatient programs (IOP), medication assisted treatment (MAT) and telehealth services have found that remote testing boosts client participation in self-directed care. Clients using our kits continue to stay engaged with their organization longer.

A female physician has a video chat on her laptop in her office.A doctor shows his patient something on a chart.

“This private method of testing has allowed clients the ability to stay engaged without having to go to a lab, delivers secure results, and prevents sample tampering through all the various safeguards. We have seen testing compliance skyrocket due to the ease of this testing approach. We are big believers in the ShareTek difference!”

Dr. Carter
Treatment Center Clinical Director

We understand treatment providers often face:

Unreliable test results

Drug and alcohol tests are cheated using various methods such as: sample swapping, synthetic urine, adulterants, and dilution.

Difficulties in data collection

Drug tests often provide only negative or positive results. This limits the provider’s ability to evaluate client improvement and illustrate provider impact.

Client recidivism

Providers often see clients come back into treatment after a post treatment relapse. There is often a lack of effective monitoring upon discharge.


  • Outbound ground shipping
    Our remote testing technology removes the need for onsite testing. Your budget no longer includes staff time for testing; focus is brought back to improving outcomes.
  • Test for 100+ substances
    Our test surpasses traditional drug and alcohol panels. We test for: kratom, fentanyl, designer amphetamines & benzodiazepines, ethyl sulfates, and various metabolites.
  • Cannot be cheated
    DNA confirmation positively identifies that the sample belongs to client. We also test for synthetic urine, household substances, detox drinks, and pill scraping.
  • Quantitative results
    Our reports identify how much of a substance was in a client’s system at the time of testing. This enables providers to present detailed data to stakeholders.

Experience Results

Providers using our drug and alcohol testing technology experience a significant increase in:

Client engagement
Timely interventions
Find out how remote drug testing can increase efficiency and program compliance at your agency.