ShareTek for Individuals

Our drug testing kits promote long-term recovery and rebuild trust between partners, family members, and loved ones.

ShareTek makes every individual’s dignity a top priority in testing products and procedures. Our drug testing kits are convenient, comfortable, and provide a quick turnaround of results.

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“This product saved my marriage. With the demands of travel for work this product helps to keep me accountable to my sobriety and family. It gives my wife peace of mind as we continue to rebuild our lives.”

Chris M.
ShareTek Customer

Build trust with ShareTek

No observed collection

No more uncomfortable observed specimen collections at a lab, or at home. Our DNA matching technology ensures specimen validity.

Test from anywhere

Whether you are traveling or just don’t want to leave the house, our testing kits allow you to test from anywhere in the United States.

Cannot be cheated

We use various safeguards to ensure tests have not been substituted, diluted, or adulterated in anyway. We help you rebuild trust.

How it Works

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Request your testing kit

Visit our online shop and order your kit. We offer single test kits, bundles of 4, a recovery pack, and subscription services.

A hand holding a cheek swab.

Perform an observed cheek swab

The one-time cheek swab may be observed by a member of your household or by a clinician on video. All future samples will be DNA matched for validity.

A hand holds an empty urine sample cup with a cap.

Provide sample

Provide a urine sample into the collection cup. There is no observation necessary for this step.

An empty white padded mailer.

Drop off prepaid package

Drop off the prepaid overnight package at an UPS store. After the sample is received, results are posted within 48 hours in a secure HIPPA compliant portal.

Pricing and Benefits

$125 per test

Cost Includes:

  • Outbound ground shipping
  • Overnight sample shipping to lab
  • Test processing & DNA matching
  • Ongoing customer support

Benefits Include:

  • No observed collection
  • Results posted within 48 hours
  • Quantitative results
  • DNA matched results
*We pride ourselves in our emphasis on customer support. Our team is always ready to answer any of your logistics, toxicology, or DNA related questions. Contact us today.

“No more taking hours to go wait at a lab or humiliation of someone watching me pee. I can actually keep a job without constantly asking for time off.”

Adam C.
ShareTek Customer
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