ShareTek for Employment Settings

Employers save time and money with ShareTek’s remote drug and alcohol testing technology.

We help high risk employment settings screen employees for pre-employment, post accident, return to duty, and ongoing monitoring. Employees test from the comfort of their own home and you get results within 48 hours.

An older female employer talks to her employee.Construction manager instructs his employee. Both of them are in bright yellow vests and safety helmets.

“We found a partner in ShareTek that helps us to deliver the best service to our clients. They are available any time to answer questions or resolve issues. They deliver the highest customer service and professionalism.”

Audrey S.
Admissions Specialist Behavioral Health Facility

Did you Know?


The percentage of workplace accidents caused by drug abuse according to US D.O.J.


The increased likelihood an employee using drugs will file a workers’ compensation claim.


The increased likelihood an employee abusing drugs will be absent from work.


  • Fast results
    We understand that test results are often need, NOW. Whether you need to hire on a new employee, or are reviewing an onsite accident, we get results to you in 48 hours.
  • Remote testing
    Never send an employee to a lab again. Our remote products allow your employees to test from the comfort of their own home. Getting you the test results you need, quickly.
  • Comprehensive panel
    Work accidents can occur from a variety of substances that traditional panels don’t test for. We test for an extensive list of substances and can identify how much of a substance was in the system at the time of testing.

Experience Results

Providers using our drug and alcohol testing technology experience:

Decrease in injury-related costs
Decrease in work absences
Increase in testing compliance
Create a safer workplace today!