ShareTek for Criminal Justice Agencies

ShareTek’s remote drug testing technology helps criminal justice agencies effectively manage their drug and alcohol-related case loads.

Agencies offering probation programs, parole and jail diversion programs find that remote drug testing alleviates agency staff members of unnecessary stressors. No more dedicating precious staff time to test observation; participants can now test from home.

A female judge talks sternly to a plaintiff in her office.A male and female detective look over a piece of paper on a clipboard.

"This product is a time saver for our staff and holds our clients accountable. With COVID closures this solution allowed us to test frequently and detect so much more than our normal 8 panel office cup. I was shocked how many clients were submitting fake urine that were caught by this product."

Joseph A.
15+ year Probation and Parole Officer

Did you Know?


The percentage of false positives produced by drug tests. Often resulting in significant consequences for the testing individual.


The percentage of the United States prison population that has a substance use disorder; most of which doesn't receive treatment.


  • Program compliance
    Drug and alcohol testing helps measure program compliance for participants with substance use disorders. It also helps identify who would benefit from treatment.
  • Out of state testing
    You are able to continue drug and alcohol testing even if you have a participant that has to leave the state during the duration of their program. Testing doesn’t stop.
  • Broader testing panel
    Identify substances that have previously gone undetected such as kratom. We test for over 100 substances and can provide custom panels.
  • Medication monitoring
    Our panels include a variety of prescription medications. You are now able to verify if program participants are taking their medications as prescribed.

Experience Results

Providers using our drug and alcohol testing technology experience:

Increase in compliance
Increase in data collection
Decrease in recidivism
Decrease in
false positives
Find out how remote drug testing can increase efficiency and program compliance at your agency.