Your Questions Answered

  • How does remote drug testing work?

    It’s a four-step process:

    • If you are an organization, go on to your HIPAA compliant portal and order test for your client(s). If you are a private consumer, shop on our direct to consumer website and order your test(s). Kit(s) will be drop shipped to your door.
    • Upon receipt, perform a one-time cheek swab in-person or over video (with your provider or 3rd party verifier if required) or in front of a household member who can verify your identity. All future urine samples will be DNA matched to your cheek swab DNA sample to ensure match and prevent substitution. All samples can be submitted with an alias for the ultimate in discretion.
    • Provide urine sample discreetly and privately. Nobody has to watch anybody pee ever again!
    • Put all collected samples into the enclosed hazards bag, then into the provided prepaid return shipping bag and drop it off at any UPS store anywhere in the country. It will be overnighted back to the lab, and within 24-72 business hours, your results will be made accessible to you in the portal (if an organization) or via a secure text or email notification.

    WatchTHIS VIDEO to learn more about how our remote, DNA authenticated drug testing service works if you are a private consumer, or THIS VIDEO if you are with an organization.

  • What Substances Do You Test For?

    We test for over 100 substances and metabolites. This includes all narcotics, alcohol, nicotine/vaping, prescribed medications, commonly abused over-the-counter medications, designer drugs, and illicit substances (including bath salts, kratom, fentanyl and several fentanyl analogs). Our panel is constantly evolving to keep current with the latest substance use trends. CLICK HERE to download our full toxicology test menu.

  • How Does Your Test Detect Possible Cheating?

    There are many ways to cheat a standard drug store or on-line at home drug test. Sample swapping, synthetic urine, dilution, adulterants, etc. A simple Google search will show and teach you how it can be done. Our test flags all of these methods.

    • Detox Drinks/Flushing (overhydrating) We test for the pH and creatinine levels as well as the specific gravity of a urine specimen to see if the sample has been diluted. If levels are abnormal, the sample will be flagged.
    • Synthetic urine DNA confirmation will produce a failed result if synthetic urine is used.
    • Adding household substances – (bleach, vinegar, ammonia, etc.) We test for these substances and oxidants. Tests will be clearly identified, and any adulterants will be flagged.
    • Swapping samples DNA confirmation will positively identify the sample belongs to client. If it does not, there will be a negative DNA match.
    • Freezing/storing urine If frozen or stored, the DNA will begin to deteriorate and will show as an “INDETERMINATE” on the report.
    • Pill scraping We test for substances, as well as the substance metabolites within the urine. If a client pill scrapes, they will have a positive for the substance found in the urine, but if the substance was not actually ingested, there will be a negative for the metabolic test, identifying scraping, vs. consumption. This occurs occasionally with medications prescribed that have street value.
  • What Are The Possible Results of the DNA Matching?

    Drug and alcohol tests are cheated using various methods: sample swapping, synthetic urine, adulterants, and dilution. Our tests flag all methods.

    • POSITIVE MATCH -Client submitted a urine sample of their own that MATCHES the DNA of their buccal swab. This is a positive identification of the urine belonging to the client.
    • FAIL -Client submitted a urine sample that does NOT match the DNA of the buccal swab. This means urine substitution has occurred, either synthetic or another person’s.
    • INDETERMINATE -Client submitted a urine sample that does not have enough DNA available and could not be definitively matched to the buccal swab. This may be caused by:

    This may be caused by:

    • exposure to high environment temperatures or improper storage (ship samples immediately!)
    • inhibitory substances present/added (i.e. bleach)
    • urine storage (i.e. old urine).
  • Do You Share My DNA With Anyone?

    If you are concerned about the confidentiality of your DNA, know this about our service:

    • We do not share you DNA with ANYBODY, ANY AGENCY, or ANY GOVERNEMENT AGENCY, EVER.
    • The lab collects and stores only 16 DNA markers to be used for future comparison to the urine sample DNA. We do not collect forensic DNA data. A person’s identity cannot be made based on the DNA stored at the lab.
    • If you would prefer, you can use an alias when you order our tests. We do not need to know your actual identity at all to perform our service.
  • Why Our Test vs. Over the Counter?
    • Observed collection. A test bought at a pharmacy or online doesn't confirm that test results are of the individual in need of testing. The only way to ensure that one of those tests has not been manipulated is to observe the specimen collection. And even then, they could be using a Whizzinator (Google at your own risk, prosthetic device). Do you want to be the one verifying that?We use DNA confirmation which eliminates the need for observed specimen collection and ensures that test results are of the individual being tested.
    • High false positive and false negative rates. Tests purchased at a pharmacy or online are done through a presumptive test which is less precise and will only tell you if an illicit substance MAY be present. This can result in false positive or false negative results. We run our tests through a confirmation test that has low cutoffs which definitively identify use and levels.
    • Positive or negative results only. Again, tests purchased at a pharmacy or online only identify if a substance may be present. The test doesn't tell you how much of a substance is in the system.

    Our tests tell you how much of a substance is in the system at the time of testing. This helps while detoxing or tapering down off of a substance. It also supports harm reduction pathways by acknowledging a decrease in consumption.

  • How Is the Initial DNA Sample Collected?

    our initial package will contain a buccal (cheek) swab collection kit. It is basically a proprietary Q-Tip used to collect DNA from the inside of your cheek. It is quick, painless, and harmless.

    Here are some important tips for getting a valid DNA collection using the buccal swab:

    • Do not eat, drink, or smoke anything 30 minutes prior to collection.
    • If you are under the care of a health care provider who instructed you to take this test, the swab must be witnessed by the provider (can be done over video).
    • If you are submitting the sample from home, the swab must be witnessed by a 3rd party.
    • Rub the swab on the inside of your cheek from the top gum line to the bottom gum line in a rotating motion for 30s.
    • Be sure to cover a large area of the inside of the inside of the cheek, and do not scrape the tongue.
    • HERE is a Testing Instruction Video that shows how to collect the DNA.
  • Are My Results Confidential?

    Sharetek complies with federal and state privacy laws and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

  • What If the Vacutainer Tube Doesn’t Work Properly?

    If for some reason, the vacutainer does not work properly, simply open the rubber stopper on the test tube and pour the urine into the tube. Reseal the tube and submit the sample. Doing this will not invalidate or compromise the test results in any way. It’s not as clean or convenient, but it is not a reason not to submit.

  • What does a test kit include?
  • When and How Will I get My Results?

    Results will be ready within 24-72 hours after a sample is received by the lab. Our lab only processes tests on Monday – Friday. If you are a private consumer, A link will be sent to whatever contact was listed upon ordering. First name, last name, and client date of birth is necessary to retrieve results. If you are with an organization, results will be posted in your HIPAA compliant portal.

  • Do You Accept Insurance?

    We do not accept any forms of insurance. However, you may be able to submit this test to your insurance for reimbursement. Please consult with your policy provider.

  • Do You Work With Businesses, Organization, or Institutions?

    Yes, yes, and yes. CONTACT US directly for more information.