About Us

Our Mission

To strengthen vulnerable/at-risk people and improve care outcomes by enabling system professionals real time communication, coordination and task management through a mobile technology platform.

Our Vision

Our hope is that vulnerable/at-risk people, experiencing a variety of life’s challenges, can coalesce safely and productively in shared communities.

Our Values

  1. Shared responsibility
  2. Shared capacity
  3. Shared outcomes
  4. Numbers are people

The ShareTek Story is Driven by Personal Connection

ShareTek was developed by a close-knit team of professionals who have deep personal connections to addiction, illness, crime and redemption. Motivated by that passion, they strive to provide unmatched client engagement for improved outcomes through a mobile solution that makes a tangible impact on care teams and the people they serve.  

Leadership Team

Greg McKay

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Greg McKay was named Chief Executive Officer of ShareTek, formerly known as True Mobile Health LLC, in July 2020.

Greg brings a unique perspective to leadership and has committed his life and career to protecting and healing vulnerable people, while making success a reality for those committed to serving them. Greg witnessed, firsthand, the dreadful outcomes caused, in part, by unaddressed challenges experienced by vulnerable people. Moreover, he saw the tireless dedication of professionals trying to serve them in a meaningful way, within systems that lack capacity and innovation to aid in their success. Greg’s vision is to leverage technology to build capacity and act as a force multiplier in the service delivery and case management for people. His company motto is, “shared responsibility; shared capacity; and shared outcomes.”

Previously, Greg was appointed Director of Arizona’s Department of Child Safety (ADCS) by Governor Douglas A. Ducey. Under Greg’s leadership, ADCS recovered from its position as worst ranked among 50 states to top ranked in most notable categories. Remarkably, he did so with a leaner workforce and saved $98 million of federal and state dollars during his nearly five- year tenure. ADCS has nearly 3000 employees and a $1 billion budget.

Greg’s experience prior to serving as a cabinet agency head was to “startup” the first criminal investigative component within the state’s child welfare system. This was enacted through a special legislative session ordered by Governor Janice K. Brewer in response to a series of catastrophic deaths of children with prior system involvement. Greg grew this operation from being the sole employee with a $1.7 million budget, to leading over 100 staff with a $10 million budget.

For Greg’s twenty years prior to state government leadership, he served the Phoenix Police Department with assignments ranging from interdicting criminal street gangs, to investigating crimes against children, and homicide.

Greg and his wife, Wendi, married in 1998 and have four children: Grace, Allyson, Justin, and Rachel. They were also Arizona foster parents.

Steve Moak Jr.

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While still in his own recovery, Steve Moak Jr. realized there was a need to address the gaps in the addiction treatment programs. Before finishing graduate school, Moak Jr. developed the ideas that now form the basis of ShareTek. He recognized that treatment itself was beneficial, but expensive. He also realized that treatment gains were often lost due to the lack of effective aftercare. Moak Jr. ultimately decided that continuing care could be both clinically effective and cost-effective if: 1) technology was combined with recovery coaching and 2) targeted support and substance use monitoring were customized.

Moak Jr. has been an active member in the recovery community in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. He was a founding part of notMYkid, a local nonprofit that provides an array of youth and family service programs. In addition to having been a public speaker for notMYkid, Moak Jr. was an invited speaker at the Young Presidents’ Organization’s (YPO) international conference in Scotland, alongside addiction guru Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Moak Jr. enjoys working with others in and out of recovery. He particularly enjoys hiking, golfing, spending time with his family and playing with his dog, Biscuit.

Steve Moak Sr.

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Steve Moak has established himself as a leader through his work in business, politics and non-profit organizations in Arizona for over 25 years. After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University, he quickly began ascending the corporate ranks working with major businesses, including Avon Products, NCR , and American Express.

Steve married his college sweetheart, Debbie and moved his family to Arizona in 1988 where they invested their savings into their own business, ProMark One. Under Steve’s leadership ProMark One expanded rapidly to a nationwide company with over 2500 employees. This incredible growth led to national recognition by Ernst & Young as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1991 and to ProMark One being listed as one of the INC 500 fastest Growing Companies for 5 years in a row. Steve sold ProMark One in 1996.

Currently Steve is Chairman of Benevolent Ventures, a private investment firm whose mission is “doing well and doing good.”

Steve also serves as Chairman of the  Board of Synergy Solutions, a business providing customer service which he helped found in 2000.

That same year, he and his wife founded notMYkid, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring positive life choices. notMYkid has  impacted the lives of thousands of families throughout Arizona and all 50 states.

In 2004, Steve acquired First Check, a home diagnostic company with expertise in home drug testing. Steve  expanded retail distribution making home drug testing a prevention tool  available to parents nationwide and his success in the field of drug prevention was recognized with an appointment to President Bush’s  Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities.

Steve serves as one of two outside  Board Members of the Dorrance Family Enterprises Private Trust Company  and Dorrance Family Foundation Board. Steve is past member of the United  Way Foundation Board. Steve was a member of the Young Presidents Organization and held several roles including past Chairman. Steve was a founding member of Social Venture Partners of Arizona. Steve is on the  Board of Greater Phoenix Leadership and he also maintains an active role  in the World Presidents Organization. Steve is on the State Board for  Young Life. Steve and Debbie have been long time supporters of Teach for America.

In 2010 Steve took his  life’s experiences and ran for United States Congress believing that  individuals can and should take an active role in our government.

Steve is a member of the Zanjero’s, an economic development group formed by Governor Doug Ducey to promote Arizona.

Steve’s wife Debbie is on Governor Ducey’s staff as Director of Youth, Faith and Family.

Mark Rohde, PhD.

Chief Clinical Officer
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Dr. Rohde holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Union Graduate School and Union Institute, and completed training with the post-graduate Institute for Family Therapy. He most often works with children, adolescents and families, and frequently employs a combination of individual, family and group psychotherapy.

Dr. Rohde holds diplomat status with the American Board of Assessment Psychology and has specialty certification in addiction treatment from the American College of Professional Psychology. He is a former teacher and has also held administrative positions at a private school, an addictions treatment center, a community mental health center and a residential treatment program. Dr. Rohde has twice been recognized for “Distinguished Contributions to Psychology” by the Arizona Psychological Association.

Dr. Rohde has an interest in computer applications in psychology and is a founder and board member of notMYkid, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families. He is past president of the Arizona Psychological Association.

Allyson Morgan

Director of Operations
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Allyson is an experienced professional in managing healthcare organizations and resources with a wealth of experience including:

  • 14+ years in Business Operations
  • 8+ years in Healthcare Administration/Operations
  • 8+ years in Healthcare Reimbursement
  • 5+ years in Addiction Treatment /MAT/SUD

Ryan Eibling

Director of Technology
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Ryan Eibling got his start in professional software development as a member of the United States Air Force, 1994-1999. He received The Air Force Commendation Medal for his service at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Guam, where he developed custom software solutions saving 2,900 man hours of labor and thousands of dollars in software purchases. He was also the first airman certified as a satellite analyst in the center's 40-year history.

Since his honorable separation from the USAF in 1999 Ryan has worked with several startups, in some cases building the foundation of the company's technology from the ground up. There has been a common thread of medical services running through much of that work, from billing for large hospital systems, to apps for videos of patient visits, to logistics data analytics for large pharmaceutical companies.

Ryan has been involved in the development of ShareTek software and services since June 2018, working to improve recovery outcomes through continuous technology innovation.

Ryan is also an avid musician and multi-instrumentalist, performing regularly with a variety of musical groups in the Phoenix metro area and beyond.

Zac Henry

Account Manager
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Zac Henry graduated from the University of St. Francis with a bachelor's degree in 2001. From there he worked in the student loan industry for 10+ years with jobs ranging from Finance, Manager of Operations and Information Security.

He has been with ShareTek since April of 2019. Along with providing customer support, he also is involved with testing the new technology features that ShareTek provides to it's customers often.

Zac has lived in Arizona for 8 years and has dedicated much of his free time to coaching both of his son's baseball teams. He has been coaching baseball since he arrived in Arizona and has been nominated for Coach of the Year from the local youth league.

Zac has been married for over 19 years and his wife Kristin, holds two Nurse practitioner degrees in Family Medicine and Phychiatry.

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