About Us

Sharetek is an innovative drug and alcohol testing company that provides remote drug and alcohol testing products without sacrificing quality in the testing results.

The Sharetek Story

While under going addiction treatment, Sharetek's CEO & Founder, Steve Moak Jr. recognized a major setback in the treatment world: drug and alcohol testing was extremely uncomfortable for the person being tested. After he completed his program, he went back to work at that same facility; this time he was the one observing the tests. In this new role, Moak Jr. realized traditional practices of observed drug testing were uncomfortable not only for the person being tested but for the observer as well.

After completing his work in the treatment industry Moak Jr., alongside a close-knit team of professionals, developed Sharetek and set off to upgrade drug and alcohol testing to meet the needs of the modern world.

The ShareTek team stands outside smiling; from right to left: Ryan Eibling, Zac Henry, Steve Moak Jr., Allyson Morgan, and Jamie Kling.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide innovative drug and alcohol testing products that promote dignity, security, and accuracy.

Vision: To eliminate observed collection from drug and alcohol testing.

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Our Values


We reduce the stigma associated with drug testing. We make every individual’s dignity a top priority in our products and procedures.


We protect the privacy of every individual. Test results are posted in a HIPPA compliant portal and all client samples are destroyed.


We make drug and alcohol testing quick and easy with our 4 step process and fast turnaround of results.


Various safeguards ensure that results are of the individual you are testing and that no adulterants are present. Our tests cannot be cheated.


We are on the leading edge of drug and alcohol testing technology. Our advancements meet the modern needs of individuals, families, and providers.


Our customer service team understands the sensitive nature of drug testing and treats all of your questions with discretion and compassion.

Leadership Team

Steve Moak Jr.

CEO & Founder

Cory Rich

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Eibling

Director of Technology

Zac Henry

Logistics Lead

Mark Rohde Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Officer

Suzu Solkin MSW

Director of Account Management
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