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Shared Technology that puts people first

ShareTek promotes shared responsibility and accountability for next generation coordinated care.
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Our Product

Drug Testing Kits

Bulletproof Results From At-home Collection

ShareTek offers state-of-the-art drug testing kits that permit dignity and convenience, while providing fast, valid results. It allows clients to safely prove their sobriety from the convenience of their home or workplace.

You can be confident that results are:

  • DNA Confirmed & 100% accurate
  • Available within 48 hours after sample receipt
  • Safely encrypted in a HIPAA Compliant Portal

Create a More Consistent Virtual IOP

Have a virtual intensive outpatient program? We have you covered. Respect the safety and dignity of your patients by using our DNA-matched kits. Tests take minutes and provide the confidence you need to manage your patients without supervision.

ShareTek’s drug test results are encrypted and posted to a secure portal within 48 hours. Our tests can detect alcohol and over 100 drugs, including designer drugs, benzodiazepines, antidepressants and even nicotine. There are no contracts or minimums; order kits in the quantity and cadence as you need them.

What clients say about our drug testing kits:

"This private method of testing has allowed clients the ability to stay engaged without having to go to a lab, delivers secure results, and prevents sample tampering through all the various safeguards. We have seen testing compliance skyrocket due to the ease of this testing approach. We are big believers in the ShareTek difference!"

Dr. Carter
Treatment Center Clinical Director

Our Service

The ShareTek Coordinated Care Platform

Our Coordinated Care platform breaks down the silos of client data that are common among healthcare providers, human services and criminal justice agencies. The shared technology platform connects all providers, case managers and support team members essential to achieve optimal outcomes, while delivering coordinated care to vulnerable/at-risk populations.

Available via mobile app or an online portal, ShareTek’s HIPAA-compliant software enables care team members to develop and coordinate service plans with input from relevant parties and support partners. One provider with ShareTek’s software can invite an unlimited number of contributing members in order to team for the client’s benefit.

How our platform works. Users and staff communicate while our portal collects data.

Our Platform is Discreet & Secure

ShareTek’s application is the most secure choice on the market and holistically owns all communications and stores them in one easily accessible place. Coordinated care is delivered in real-time using the platform’s secure text, audio, and video capabilities, with every action taken or task assigned by a care team member automatically documented. ShareTek’s platform connects providers and clients using “ghost” numbers, never revealing the personal cell phone number of those providing care. This secure connectivity helps to close any gaps in the client’s healthcare journey and ensures that all progress, potential risks and outcomes are appropriately tracked.

Get Real-Time Results for a Better Future

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. ShareTek shows how your organization is performing both in the aggregate, and at the individual client level. ShareTek’s performance-based report card provides information on how coordinated care is working for the client, providers and systems generally. The report card offers real-time alerts to transitions and visibility into barriers, propelling corrective actions sooner rather than later. Monitor real-time results and outcomes and broker a better future for those in need.

How our platform works. Users and staff communicate while our portal collects data.

What clients say about our platform:

“FCC was looking for ways to improve the support we offer our client’s when we found ShareTek. [ . . . ] I’m not sure who found who to be honest, but the partnership between FCC and ShareTek has been amazing and working with the ShareTek team has provided a platform that our staff and clients can use to better interact virtually and get the support that is needed. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit I can remember looking at our CEO and saying we are in good shape. Virtual services have become a means of survival during COVID-19 and we were prepared to continue serving and fully supporting our clients based on our work with ShareTek.”

Noble Shaver Jr.
Clinical Officer for Adult Substance Use Disorder Services

Who We Serve

ShareTek’s solutions are designed for struggling clients who need the support of many providers or systems to aid in their recovery, treatment, and effective post-recovery support. By enabling comprehensive services and supporting a team to deliver coordinated care, we ensure all are invested in the best possible outcomes for every client.

ShareTek’s Coordinated Care platform best serves health plans, providers, and organizations in the following areas; however, our software solution can be easily modified to fit other healthcare industries desiring virtual solutions for better care coordination.

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Healthcare providers use ShareTek for:

  • Outpatient substance abuse programs
  • Virtual IOP
  • Organizations using telehealth
  • Compliance focused providers
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Criminal justice programs use ShareTek for:

  • Community corrections/probation
  • First-time offenders
  • Substance abuse diversion (including at-home drug testing)
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The ShareTek Story

Steve Moak Jr., CEO & Founder

CEO and Founder, Steve Moak Jr. was still in his own recovery, when he realized there were severe gaps in the nation’s addiction treatment programs. He acknowledged that treatment itself was beneficial, but expensive. He also recognized that treatment gains were often lost due to the lack of effective aftercare. Moak Jr. ultimately decided that continuing care had the potential to be both clinically effective and cost-effective if: 1) technology was combined with recovery coaching and 2) targeted support and substance use monitoring were customized.  These realizations helped form the mission, vision and values of his company.

What was originally founded as True Mobile Health in 2018, was later rebranded to ShareTek in 2020. With newly identified target markets in healthcare, child welfare, and criminal justice, ShareTek strives to help them benefit from shared responsibility, shared capacity and shared outcomes approach to case management. Deinstitutionalization efforts have failed to adequately account for the most vulnerable populations and the safety of our communities—adults and children alike.

We aspire equally for safety and wellness and promote ShareTek's Coordinated Care platform as a results driven, force-multiplier for coordinated care and case management.

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