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Tired Of Low Compliance, Cheatability, & Time Consuming Tedious Paperwork?

Say Hello To TED! The worlds first uncheatable drug test!

“This private method of testing has allowed clients the ability to stay engaged without having to go to a lab, delivers secure results, and prevents sample tampering through all the various safeguards. We have seen testing compliance skyrocket due to the ease of this testing approach. We are big believers in the Sharetek difference!”

Dr. Carter
Treatment Center Clinical Director

Our Simple 4 Step Process

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Request your testing kit

Request the desired number of testing kits. We offer single test kits, bundles of 4, a recovery pack, and subscription services.

A hand holding a cheek swab.

Perform cheek swab confirmation

Perform an observed cheek swab over video with a facility staff member or a household member. All future samples will be DNA confirmed for validity.

A hand holds an empty urine sample cup with a cap.

Provide sample

Provide a urine sample. No observation necessary. Individuals provide a sample at their own discretion.

A gloved hand holds a test tube with a paper urine testing strip.

Drop off prepaid package

Drop off prepaid UPS package at any UPS store. Test is overnighted to lab and results are posted within 48 hours to HIPAA compliant portal.

The Sharetek Difference

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Remote Collection

Test from the privacy of your own home. No more scheduling hassles, long lobby wait times, or uncomfortable observed specimen collections. Our tests our completed from the comfort of your home and results are available within 48 hours of us receiving a sample.

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DNA Confirmed

Rest assured that the results of the collection sample are from the individual performing the test. Our tests match DNA from the individual’s observed cheek swab to their urine (not observed). This matching protocol ensures that the collection sample is of the individual that is performing the test.

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Extensive Testing

No more questionable test results; our tests cannot be cheated. Our technology allows us to test for over 100 substances including synthetic urine and other adulterants. In addition, we are able to measure the amount of substances present in the system at the time of testing.

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Rapid Results

Get your tests results when you need them most. Toxicology results are available in a HIPAA compliant portal within 48 hours of the sample being received. This secure portal allows for package tracking, notification of delivery, receipt, and notification of results.

In addition to identifying substances found in traditional testing panels, our kits test for:

  1. Fentanyl
  2. Morphine
  3. Kratom
  4. Designer benzodiazepines
  1. Designer amphetamines
  2. Ethyl sulfates*
  3. Metabolites*
  4. *For a longer detection window

Who We Serve


Sharetek serves various business sectors including intensive outpatient program (IOP) providers, medication assisted treatment (MAT) facilities, telehealth service providers, criminal justice agencies, and employment settings that require high levels of monitoring.

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Our products support individuals in recovery by creating accountability and building trust among family members and loved ones. Many individuals who were introduced to our products during their treatment program continue to use them after program completion.

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“This product allows me to travel anywhere in the US and be compliant with my aftercare program. Just throw it in the suitcase and find a UPS location.”

Sara P.
Sharetek Customer

At Sharetek

A ShareTek team photo, from left to right, Jamie Kling, Allyson Morgan, Steve Moak Jr., Zac Henry, and Ryan Eibling.

Sharetek is an innovative drug and alcohol testing company that provides remote drug and alcohol testing products without sacrificing quality in the testing results. We bring dignity, security, and accuracy to the drug testing industry.

At Sharetek we believe that people should be at the heart of the testing industry. Our customer service team is always ready to answer any of your logistics, toxicology, or DNA related questions.

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